• Pamir Budget Tour

Type:Budget travel
Total Distance: around 1900 km (from Dushanbe to Osh through Wakhan Corridor)
Total Days:10 days
Total cost:
$566 per person (6 persons group); $622 per person (5 persons group); $707 per person (4 persons group); $848 per person (3 persons group)
Cost includes food, accommodation, transportation and other expenses during 10 days of tour in Tajikistan
No advance is required prior to arrival
Guide service not included and provided upon request ($30-$50 per day)
Tours includes hiking in Garm Chashma, Langar village and Bulunkul/Yashilkul
No trekking is included and could be included upon request
Airport pickup in Dushanbe and accommodation in Dushanbe can be provided upon request. Hotels, apartments and guesthouses are available in Dushanbe for booking.
Visa arrangement and Permission to GBAO can be arranged per request
The Duration and Program is amendable, per guest request.
Minimum days for Pamirs should be 7 days giving the long distance and road conditions in Pamirs
Trekking can be added into the tour program per request
Guests pay to our travel agency ONLY the commission fee and fee for public transport to Pamirs and rented car when arrived in Dushanbe. Remaining costs are paid per actual by guest while travelling in Tajikistan
Comission Fees:
Small commission fee will be charged additionally for the tour arrangement services
Plan Overview (cost given per person for a group of 6 persons):
Day Description Cost
1 Travel to Khorog on 4x4 vehicle (620 km). Sigthseeing on the road (historical South Khatlon, Darvaz, Vanj, Rushan and Shugnan). Flying by plane is an option ($120 per person one way). 90
Overnight in Khorog homestay (hotels from $25 per person) 10
2 Stay in Khorog: visit handicraft shops, Botanical Garden, Nosiri Khusraw spring, Khorog museum, unique Khorog Park, etc. Cost includes transport and museum fees 5
Overnight in Khorog homestay (hotels from $25 per person) 10
Next 8 days Rent car for the trip Khorog to Osh, through Roshtkala, Ishkashim (inc. Vakhan Corridor), Yashilkul, Bulunkul, Murgab (around 1300km). $0.95 per km to be billed per actual kms for 1300km. For the part of the route, guests will pay only for petrol - 728km. No public transport is available on this route. 243
Per diem for the driver 8 days, $30 per day 40
Breakfasts, Lunch and dinners (8 days). Guest will pay for the food consumed based on actuals. Average $10 per person per day spent on food. 80
3 Drive to Roshtkala valley, Javshangoz, and overnight in Jelondi hot spring -
Stay overnight in homestay or sanatorium in Jelondi 15
4 8am departure from Jelondi, visit Ishkashim Afghani Market (only on Saturdays), and Drive to Garm-chashma hot spring, Hiking to the Narzan and further to the mountain valley (2-3 hours hiking) and stay overnight in the sanatorium area -
Overnight in homestay nearby (sanatorium around $20-$30 per person) 10
5 Travel to center of Ishkashim district (spinel of Badakhshan, fortress, hot spring, historical places). Then Road to Great Vakhan Valley (Sild Road); Visit Namadgut village (ancient fortress, holy place Shohimardon, etc; visit Vrang village (Zaroastrizm stuppas, caves in mountain, etc); Visit Yamchun village (UNESCO heritage); bath in warm and exotic spring water Bibi Fatima (named by the daughter of Prophet Muhamad); -
Overnight in the sanatorium (Bibi Fatima hot spring) or homestay 7
6 Langar village (famous Petroglyphs) and Hiking to meadow of Engels peak -
Overnight in Langar village 7
7 Visit Yamg village (shrine and museum), Zomg village (400 years old Pamiri Traditional House), Travel to east Pamir. Bulunkul Lake. Hiking in Bulunkul -
Overnight in Bulunkul (homestay) 7
8 Walk to Yashilkul Lake. Drive to Alichur -
Overnight in Kyrgyz Yurt in Alichur 7
9 Travel to Murgab. Discover Murgab area (nearby areas). Upon request, drive to Jarty-Gumbaz, Rangkul or other places in the district can be arranged -
Overnight in Murgab. 10
10 Travel from Murgab to Karakul (biggest closed lake of Tajikistan). Drive to Osh, Kyrgyzstan -
Overnight in Osh 25
Interesting Facts:


A small mountain-valley town, Khorog is the capital of the autonomous Gorno-Badakhshan (GBAO) region. It is strung out on either side of the dashing Gunt River and penned in by dry, vertical peaks. A few kilometres downstream, the Gunt merges with the Pyanj, marking the border with Afghanistan.

Until the late 19th century, present-day Khorog was a tiny settlement that loosely belonged to the domain of local chieftains, the Afghan Shah or the Emir of Bukhara. Russia installed a small garrison here following the Anglo-Russian-Afghan Border Treaty of 1896, which delineated the current northern border of Afghanistan on the Pyanj River. Khorog was made the administrative centre of GBAO in 1925.

Khorog suffered badly in the wake of independence (at the depths of the economic crisis money disappeared altogether, replaced by barter) but things have picked up in recent years. In 2003 the Aga Khan pledged US$200 million to establish one of the three campuses of the University of Central Asia in Khorog’s eastern suburbs. Khorog has one of the brightest and best educated populations of any town in Central Asia.

Shokh Dara Valley (Roshtkala)

The Shokh Dara Valley southeast of Khorog offers a fine overnight excursion from Khorog or a loop route option, connecting with the Pamir Highway and returning to Khorog via the Gunt Valley or the Wakhan.

Just before Javshanguz are dramatic views of peaks Engels (6507m) and Karl Marx (6723m), offering fantastic camping opportunities. One enticing trekking route follows an old 4WD track over the 4432m Mats Pass into the Pamir Valley.

Wakhan Valley

The Tajik half of the superbly remote Wakhan Valley, shared with Afghanistan, is a fantastic side trip from Khorog, either en route to Murgab or as a loop returning via the Gunt or Shokh Dara Valleys. The route’s many side valleys reveal stunning views of the 7000m peaks of the Hindu Kush (Killer of Hindus) range, marking the border with Pakistan, and there’s a thrill from knowing that Marco Polo travelled through the valley in 1274.

You will need to have Ishkashim marked on your GBAO permit to travel this road. The Tajikistan side is also the perfect gateway to the Afghan Wakhan.


The wild-east town of Murgab is a day’s drive (328km) from Khorog. A former Tsarist garrison like Khorog but rougher around the edges, Murgab isn’t exactly charming but it is a good base from which to explore the eastern Pamirs. The town itself is half-Kyrgyz, half-Tajik (the surrounding communities are almost all Kyrgyz). On clear days, the 7546m-high Chinese peak of Muztagh Ata is visible to the northeast of town.

Electricity alternates daily between the two halves of town but is of such low voltage as to be of marginal use, so don’t expect to recharge batteries here.
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